Wastewater Treatment Chemicals


Wastewater treatment is a process that requires a variety of chemicals to modify the pH of the water and prevent the release of pollutants, such as heavy metals, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds and pesticides into the surrounding environment. Chemical treatment of wastewater is used by industries, such as pharmaceutical, energy production, and paper production. In order to meet industry standards, quality chemical treatments are necessary for wastewater plants. Syner chem corp provides high-quality wastewater treatment solutions that meet industry standards and help you effectively reduce, reuse, and recycle water. We provide the following coagulants and flocculants in order to clean out wastewater:

Coagulation is a process used to neutralize charges and form a gelatinous mass to trap (or bridge) particles thus forming a mass large enough to settle or be trapped in the filter. 


–  PAC Powder: white and yellow 

–  PAC Liquid: 10% and 30% 

–  Aluminum Sulfate 

–  Aluminum Chlorohydrate 

–  Ferric Chloride

Flocculation is gentle stirring or agitation to encourage the particles thus formed to agglomerate into masses large enough to settle or be filtered from solution.


–  Cationic Polymer 

–  Anionic Polymer

effluent coagulation chemical

Effluent Coagulation

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