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Our History

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Syner Chem Corporation was established in 1997 as Lucemin Industries, Inc. It is a trading firm that carries cooling tower and boiler treatment chemicals. The company has served different clients such as malls, hotels, buildings and industrial plants.


The high demand for cleaning and descaling services pushed the company to expand its services in 2000 by investing in more modern equipment and human resources. It also tapped other product lines such as waste water treatment chemicals and ion-exchange resins.


To meet the changing need of its customers, the company launched the P2R (Prepare to Respond) system. To do this, the company constructed a new warehouse in Cavite to improve its logistical capabilities to better serve its clients.


In 2006, the company changed its name to Syner Chem Corporation to capitalize on the market’s growth and pave the way for its expansion to other product lines.

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Milestones and Mileages

2016: Choice Provider of Water Treatment Products and Services by Prestigious Manufacturing Companies

2006: Syner Chem Corporation Was Established Onset of the P2RSystem Mobilized Investment on More Modern Equipment

2000: Wastewater Treatment and Ion-Exchange Resins Demand for Cleaning and Descaling Services Rose

1997: Lucemin Industries, Inc. Cooling Tower and Boiler Treatment Chemical

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Our Vision

We are the choice provider of water treatment chemicals committed to deliver high quality products and agile performance in services.

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Our Mission

Consistently provide innovative products and value-adding services to:

  • drive growth needs of the clients;
  • gain the respect of our suppliers; and
  • gain the trust of our stakeholders.

Our Business

The increasing demand for Cleaning and Descaling Services has driven the company to expand its business by investing in state-of-the-art equipment, technological processes and logistical capability.

Why Choose Syner Chem Corp?

Choice Provider of Water Treatment Products and Services

Uses High Quality Water Treatment Chemicals

Staff With Technical Expertise

Quick After-Sales Service

Our Commitment Stays on From Point of Delivery

We Value and Act on Your Concerns

Our Goal Is to Offer You Only the Best!

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