Your choice provider of water treatment products and services

Syner Chem Corporation comes from a decade of experience in the maintenance and monitoring of water-related industrial equipment. Through its highly-skilled people, Syner Chem has been leading the way in the field of water treatment and industrial support chemicals.

High-Quality Water Treatment Chemicals

Syner Chem’s wide range of chemical products are being used everyday by different industries. The company’s seasoned engineers are able to formulate and customize the best product applicable to a wide-range of facilities.

About Syner Chem Corporation

Syner Chem Corporation was  established in 2006 as a trading  firm that provides cooling tower,  boiler and waste water treatment  chemicals, as well as ion-exchange resins.

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Our mission statement

We are the choice provider of water treatment products and services and one of the front-runners in the trading.

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Leading the Industry

The increasing demand for cleaning and descaling services has driven the company to expand  its business by investing in state-of-the art equipment, technological processes and logistical capability.

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Social Responsibility

The company serves shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, buildings, and  industrial plants.