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syner chem cooling tower cleaning service

Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

Chemical and mechanical cleaning serviceĀ  for your water industrial equipment, chillers, air compressors, and boilers using top quality chemicals, which can ensure that your system is safe and clean.


Descaling service is done to safely remove the mineral build up and is recommended to be done regularly in order to keep your system smooth and efficient, and for industrial equipment maintenance.

Descaling Services Philippines
syner chem boiler tank cleaning service

Chemical Dosing

We provide chemical dosing services which include feeding pump, Conductivity and pH Controllers.

  • Feed Pump
  • Conductivity and pH Controllers

Equipment Monitoring

Maintenance and monitoring of your equipment will extend equipment life and reduce breakdowns. We provide the best quality service to ensure safety and efficiency of your industrial equipment

Syner Chem Equipment Maintenance
water analysis company philippines

On-site and Off-site Water Analysis and Technical Consultation

With decades of experience and expertise, we can provide on-site and off-site water analysis and technical consultation that you can trust. Consultation with experts can help your business reduce costs, and prevent future damages or problems.