Ion Exchange Resins - Syner Chem Corporation
Supplier of high quality Ion Exchange Resins such as Cation and Anion Resins for water treatment systems in the Philippines.
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Ion Exchange Resins


Ion exchange resins are insoluble substances that are capable of exchanging ions in the polymers with the ions present in the water. They are typically used for water softening, deionization, demineralization, neutralization and water purification. Anion resins and cation resins are the two most common resins used in the ion-exchange process. While anion resins attract negatively charged ions, cation resins attract positively charged ions. SYNERCHEM provides high quality ion exchange resins for your water system and provides the best service for your business in the Philippines.

We provide these Cation and Anion Resins:


  • Strongly Acidic Cation Resin
  • Weakly Acidic Cation Resin 
  • Strongly Basic Anion Resin 
  • Weakly Basic Anion Resin 
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