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1. Ion Exchange Resins

Brands: Leatit - Bayer, Germany
Diaion - Mitsubishi, Japan

1.1 Strongly acidic cation resin
1.2 Weakly acidic cation resin
1.3 Strong basic anion resin
1.4 Weakly basic anion resin
1.5 Chelating and Ion Selective Resin (waste water application)
1.6 Inert Resin

2. Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemicals

2.1 Anti-scalant
2.2 Microbiocide

3. Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals (Kurita Water Inds. Ltd.)

3.1 Scale and Deposit Inhibitor
3.2 Oxygen Scavenger - Hydrazine Hydrate
1-Amino, 4-Methyl Piperadine
3.3 Sludge Dispersant
3.4 Condensate Corrosion Inhibitor
3.5 Morpholine

4. Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals (Kurita Water Inds. Ltd.)

4.1 Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor
4.2 Microbiocide and Slimicide
4.3 Algaecide
4.4 Oil Dispersant
4.5 Antifoam and Surfactant

5. Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

5.1 Coagulant
a. Fazfloc CL-10 (Liquid Cationic Polymer)
b. Fazfloc CL-100 (Liquid Cationic)
c. Ferric Chloride
d. Poly Aluminum Chloride (Powder & Liquid)
e. Ferous Sulfate (Powder)
5.2 Flocculant
a. Fazloc A-900(Anionic Polymer Powder)
b. Fazloc A-985(Anionic Polymer Powder)
c. Fazloc C-200(Cationic Polymer Powder)
5.3 Heavy Metal Precipitant
a. Fazloc MP
b. Fazloc MP2

6. Fuel Oil Additives

6.1 Fireside Corrosion inhibitor
6.2 Fireside Deposit inhibitor
6.3 Combustion Enhancer

7. Cation Resin Cleaner

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